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  • Rick’s Loom – Free Class with Loom Purchase

    I’ve loved loomwork since I was a kid, working on my plastic ‘Indian’ bead loom, but ALWAYS hated dealing with all the warp threads at the end.  I’d come up with all sorts of  (sloppy) ways to dodge having to weave the threads off.  Fast forward 35 years to the Bead & Button show and the pleasure of meeting Paul Ricks in a neighboring booth doing loom demos on his new invention…a loom with only 2 end warp threads to deal with!  We became a distributor & sold out the first day of the show.  Join me in this fun class, learn how to work with your Rick’s Bead Loom and make a fun bracelet!

    Free class with purchase of loom
    Loomwork/All Levels

    ***This class is not on the current schedule but is available by request! Either grab two more friends and we’ll schedule a private class just for you, or let us know you’re interested and we’ll do our best to put it on the next schedule!


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