Class Categories

  • Mixed Media

    • Paper Beads
    • Learn how to make beautiful beads made of rolled paper!  Create beautifully finished beads using magazines, comics or fancy scrapbook paper.  Some supplies included.  Supplies to create a finished piece (accent beads, clasps, stringing material) are a la carte.

      $20, Supplies not included.
      Mixed Media/All Levels

    • Beaded Garden Waterfall
    • We tried out this new design on our kids at bead camp and it was so much fun!  They made incredible pieces and convinced me that if they can do it, so can you!  Our samples are in our flower pots out front of Funky’s all Spring & Summer.  EVERYONE who comes in comments on how cool they are!  Space is limited in this workshop so don’t dilly dally – register soon!

      $20, Some supplies included
      Mixed Media, All levels

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