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I’ve always been intrigued by artists who work alone, often preferring isolation and solace for their creative experience to unfold…I guess in a way I am one of them.  As an only child, I spent a lot of time alone, creating.  I beaded, did textiles (somewhere I have a ½ finished hook rug!) and even turned my Mickey Mouse record player into a potters wheel!  I found a place to start a vegetable garden and spent a lot of time in the woods making little sculptures out of twigs and leaves and flowers.  Summers back then seemed to last forever.   Childhood turned into high school, to college and then my 20’s in a decade long career.  Then that creative entrepreneurial voice I couldn’t ignore took hold and bore both Funky Hannah’s in 1997 and sister business Hot Shop Glass seven years later.  Marriage and kids blessed these years too. While so much of the creative work of all of it happened alone, I’ve slowly learned that the best of it always happened as a result of collaboration and that it’s okay to ask for help along the way.

As Funky Hannah’s unveils our new website it is with a renewed sense of gratitude and understanding that while a core part of the creative process must happen alone, the best and brightest manifestations of creativity happen when we work together.  It is through the laughter, frustrations, brainstorming, & quiet shared stillness that the creativity in our work, and our lives, shines brightest.

So thank you all – you bead muses, TTT girls, funksters, business sisters, justice instigators, mommas, graphics gurus and webmasters – who have helped us be exactly where we are today.

Xo Funky Amanda

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