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  • Adele’s Beaded Bead

    We’re excited to welcome back to Racine, our friend Adele Kimpell.  She’s got a super fun design to share with us!

    Japanese seed beads combined with a variety of two- and four-hole beads stitch the sculptural elegance of these beads that are worked in a combination of quasi tubular Ndebele (herringbone), right angle weave and square stitch. The beads make a dramatic statement whether worn singly or multiple on a neck wire or carrier of choice. What fun to make and wear!

    In the class you will make a Double QuadraTile Bead. This bead employs all the techniques you will need to stitch the other 5 beads included in the pattern.

    $35, Supplies not included.
    Stitching/All Levels


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