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  • Stitching

    • Right Angle Weave Peanut Wrap
    • August 29, 2017: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

      A unique wrap bracelet made with peanut beads and tiny crystals, with a button closure.  Funky Amanda shares this fun design – you’ll want to make a bunch of them! 

      Photo coming soon!

      $20, supplies not included
      Stitching, all levels

    • Free Friday! Just Rollin’ Along
    • Check out this super sweet bracelet!  Two-hole lentils, fire polish and seed beads!  Endless color combinations!  Join us for the last Free Friday of Summer!

      Free, supplies not included
      Stitching, all levels

    • Sai Pendant
    • New this summer!  Create a fun pendant with a combination of seed beads, fire polish, superduos, and a Lunasoft cabochon.  A great new design by Ella D.

      $20, supplies not included
      Stitching, All levels

    • Cynthia Rutledge – The Beloved
    • August 27, 2017: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

      Wow! A wrap-style bracelet with an interesting lacing technique is the background for the embellishments. The center component consists of a beautiful puffed ring that “swirls” on a pearl stem. The second set of components has a trillion CZ as the center with a puffy bezel to accent the shape. The last components are 10mm CZ’s with a simple bezel. All of the components are sewn to the wrap bracelet, which ends with an oval CZ button.

      $90, supplies not included
      Intermediate/Advanced, Stitching

    • Cynthia Rutledge – Three Nights in Paris
    • August 26, 2017: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

      The fun continues!  This design evokes the blend of the Renaissance period, with the new and exciting, Art Nouveau style. A unique way of bezeling a pear CZ, offers a smooth shape and is much easier than the traditional way. Swarovski pearl cabs, with herringbone shaped embellishing, have an art nouveau feel. Flat peyote stitched necklace straps, interspersed with tiny bezeled 6mm CZ’s, add just the right touch to this delicate necklace. Vive la France!

      $90, supplies not included
      Intermediate/Advanced, Stitching

    • Cynthia Rutledge – Rue de la Paix
    • August 25, 2017: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

      Kick off our Cynthia extravaganza on Friday, August 25th with this gorgeous bracelet.

      Rue de la Paix has two pearl “heads”, each embellished with three 6mm CZ’s, that are bezeled with peyote stitch, along with rings of crystals for an added sparkle. The body of the bracelet has a brass cuff blank and a rubber tubing armature that supports two tubes of peyote stitch that are shaped to curve to the shape of the cuff blank. Fashion and beadwork come together…. creating elegance along the way!

      $90, supplies not included
      Intermediate/Advanced level, stitching

    • Kim Stathis – Isosceles Bracelet
    • September 9, 2017: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

      The bracelet is made up of tubular elongated isosceles triangles. An isosceles triangle has two sides that are the same length with the third side of the triangle being a different length. Each triangular unit is constructed using cylinder beads and is capped off with round crystals. Seed beads and pearls are used to embellish the body of the triangles. The closure for the bracelet is a double set of embellished round crystals that snap to a bottom platform using sewn on snaps.

      $90, Supplies not included
      Stitching, Intermediate Level

    • Free Friday! Isabella Cuff
    • This sweet bracelet is super fun and easy to stitch.  Crescents and Bars help create endless color combos!

      Free, Supplies not included
      Stitching, All levels

    • Free Friday! Flintstone Bracelet
    • Check out this sweet design using firepolish and seed beads!  You’ll want to whip up several in different colors!

      Free, supplies not included.

    • Free Friday! Sweet Alyssum
    • Weave a base of glowing round beads and build embellishments with pinch and round beads that mimic the delicate petals of Alyssum flowers.

      Stitching, All levels
      Free, Supplies not included

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