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    • Bead Crochet with Candice Sexton – Leaves and Stars
    • A single stitch bead crochet intensive with our pal Candice Sexton.  Immerse yourself and learn the popular single stitch bead crochet technique!  Students will learn how to string-on and crochet using the single crochet stitch, how to increase and decrease your circumference, how to join your sections, add thread and how to finish your necklace.

      $60, Supplies not included.
      Crochet/Intermediate Level

    • Bead Crochet with Candice Sexton – Intermediate/Advanced
    • The fun weekend of bead crochet with our pal and bead crochet artist extraordinaire, Candice Sexton continues this afternoon!  In this intermediate/advanced level class you will move past the beginner bead crochet stage, hone your skills with invisible joins, add thread and string more difficult projects.  You will get the instructions for BOTH the intermediate and advanced projects and will choose which one you want to do in class.  Pre-stringing your beads required.

      bead crochet intermediate





      bead crochet advanced





      $35, Supplies not included.

    • Bead Crochet with Candice Sexton – Beginning
    • Kick off a fun weekend of bead crochet with our pal and bead crochet artist extrordinaire, Candice Sexton!  In this beginner class  you’ll learn techniques to start and finish projects, including how to string on beads and start your tube, what materials to use, hints and tips for successful projects. Starter tube provided for use in class.  You will be given instructions for pre-stringing your beads before class.

      $35, Supplies not included.
      Crochet/All Levels

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